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We’re Hunter and Whitney Robinson- travel lovers based out of Fairhope, AL. We’re here to make your travel dreams a reality. Whether you’re daydreaming up inspiration for your next adventure or looking for a travel designer to make it happen, you’re in the right place!

when was the last time you took a vacation? 

I’m talking vacation that you actually enjoyed.

The kind where you actually get to be present and make memories with your family. 

Not worry about sifting through hundreds of hotel options. Or booking flights with seats even remotely close together. 

Or maybe you haven’t taken one since the baby was born because you’re too busy chasing toddlers around to use your last tiiiiny ounce of energy to plan the so-called “vacation.” 

Around here, we believe that you deserve to stop and smell the rosé. Or piña colada — take your pick! It’s time to sit back, relax, and hand over the reins so that you can kick up your feet. 

Sounds fantastic, right?

Learn more about what planning your next vacation could look like! Grab our Travel Insight Guide to learn more!

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I'M Whitney

The travel advisor behind roam with the robinsons

My number one purpose in life — help others truly enjoy their lives with the people they love most. 

If you could have a teammate who understands exactly what you’re looking for and allows you to enjoy the planning process, that would be a dream, right?! 

There may be a way for you to ditch the stress and relax and recharge during your next family vacation! Ready to see if we’re a good fit to work together? Click the button below! 

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Are you ready to turn those travel daydreams into a reality? Click the link to fill out the Travel Inquiry Form and we’ll be in touch with the next steps of your travel planning journey! 

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family packing checklist

What if you could pack for your next family vacation with the confidence that you have everything you need? Download the free packing checklist to ensure you remember to pack everything except the “now…what am I forgetting?” feeling! 

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Ready to learn more?

A lot of moving pieces go into planning a vacation and we know it can be overwhelming! The Travel Insight Guide is your inside scoop into what it looks like to plan a trip with us!

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Packing Checklist

Ready to ditch the “I know I’m forgetting something” feeling? Download your free packing checklist!

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Whether you’re going on a road trip or navigating a brand new country, our App Guide has you covered!